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CNC Milling

CNC milling and 5-axis manufacturing with high quality machines and latest materials including surface finish.

We Can Produce

You can rely on our production of:

  • 3D parts with measurements up to (mm): 400 (width) x 800 (length) and 300 (height).
  • Production of complex parts via 5-axis manufacturing.
  • Processing of provided stocks – casts, forgings and weldments.


We provide design in CAD/CAM software and utilize:

  • ZW3D format for design prints
  • GibbsCAM format for processing design with online CNC output

We can also process your 3D models (in .step, .igs and other formats).

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Milling by Our Company

Latest technologies and materials

We produce complex 3D parts with CNC machining and latest tool materials and technologies. That allows to achieve high precision IT6 and high quality surface.

We focus on aluminum alloys and stainless materials.

We can also process steel, chromium-nickel materials, and non-ferrous metals.

Surface Finish

We can provide high-quality surface finish.

Our processing capabilities includes degreasing, pressure washing, anodized aluminum, galvanizing including curing, heat treatment, laser marking and thermic deburring.

High Quality Machinery

Take advantage of our top machinery: 2 CNC vertical machining centers HAAS VF-3 and 5-Axis Vertical Machining Centers HAAS (VF-3SS and UMC750).

Production Capacity and Delivery Dates

We can provide both serial production and small batch production. Our delivery starts with 21 days. We can also handle an urgent delivery.

Quality Control

ISO9001We ensure quality via gauges Mitutoyo , Mahr, Sylvac and Tesa. Our measurement center is equipped with TMS Mitutoyo CRYSTA 574 Plus, altimeters Mitutoyo and Sylvac, roughness measurement tool Mitutoyo.

Produced parts are accompanied with measurement report. Our company is a proud holder of certification ISO 9001:2008.

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Product Examples

We will design and manufacture specifically for your needs. The outcomes may look like these:

Těleso pro pneumatické systémy

Body Part

Material: EN AW 6082

Usage: Pneumatic systems

Blok pro pneumatický rozvaděč


Material: EN AW5083

Usage: Pneumatic distributor

Řadicí palec pro převodovku

Transmission Element

Material: 14220 zušlechtěno

Usage: Transmission

Blok - rozváděcí kostka


Material: EN AW6082

Usage: Transmission Element

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