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Automation/Robotic Machine Tending

We can design and implement your robotic machine tending solution for HAAS Automation‘s machining centers (USA).

The Robotic Machine Tending Solution Includes the Followingě

  • We will produce and assemble the frame of the manufacturing cell
  • We will integrate Yaskawa robot for machine tending
  • We will produce and assemble the modular storage system for technological pallets
  • We will produce and assemble the manipulation system for raw and finished parts
  • We will produce and assemble grippers for manipulation
  • We will deliver custom tool boxes
  • We will implement hardware and software to fit your needs
  • We will deliver the reliable safety solution
  • We will provide the maintenance services both under and post the warranty.

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Characteristics of the Robotic Machine Tending Solutioní

Proven Robots and Machines

Robotic machine tending is based on:

  • Reliable Yaskawa robots –MH and GP series with payload up to 50 kg.
  • DX200 and YRC1000 controllers

The robotic machine tending solution control is based on PLC industrial automation CPU Siemens Simatic and communication via the PROFINET network.

Diagnostic comes with multi-level service support.

High Quality Materials

We use high quality materials for all parts of the frame and storage system including the surface finish.

Reliable Programming

We use SIEMENS SIMATIC STEP and SIMATIC STEP SAFETY integrated with the TIA Portal K for the PLC programming.

Quality Control

We use ISO 9001:2015 standards to control the entire process of manufacturing, assembly and deployment.

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The Robotic Machine Tending Solution Case Study

We will design and deliver the solution customized to your needs.

F16 robotic automation solution for HAAS UMC750

  • Robot: YASKAWA MH50II, payload up to 50 kg, reach 2060 mm
  • Modular storage system with capacity of  54 cells
  • Part dimensions up to 300 x 300 x 200 mm
  • Two-position loading area
  • Automatic pneumatic door
  • Tool box with capacity of 40 tool units SK40
  • Gripping system Lang Macro Grip
  • Optional: 3D retractable cover for UMC 750 with oil mist filtration

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